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2010 Submissions

Metal Gear Saga - {LDL} Video Game Song
Tomorrow - {LDL} Techno Song
Hardstyle In Your System {LDL} Techno Song
The Nightmare - {LDL} Ambient Song
The riddle - {LDL} Trance Song
Pictures at an exhibition Classical Song
Gusty Garden (Orch.) - {LDL} Video Game Song
Gusty Garden (8-bit) - {LDL} Video Game Song
LotR Medleys - {LDL} Miscellaneous Song
Hyrule Castle - {LDL} Video Game Song
Oceanic Museum - {LDL} Video Game Loop
Night On Bald Mountain - {LDL} Classical Song
Zelda- Windmill (LDL) Video Game Loop
Super Mario 64 Slide - {LDL} Video Game Loop
Metal Gear Solid Theme - {LDL} Video Game Loop
Overdrive - {LDL} Techno Loop
Mario castle - {LDL} Video Game Loop
Gaara's theme - {LDL} Miscellaneous Song
Grief and sorrow - {LDL} Miscellaneous Song
The Godfather - {LDL} Miscellaneous Song
Hinata vs Neji - {LDL} Miscellaneous Song
Avenger - {LDL} Miscellaneous Song
Sadness and sorrow - {LDL} Miscellaneous Song
Forest maze - {LDL} Video Game Song
In The Manor - {LDL} Video Game Song
Mausoleum - {LDL} Video Game Song
Wrath and Ruin - {LDL} Video Game Song
Dark - {LDL} Video Game Song
Expanse - {LDL} Video Game Song
Crystal Castle - {LDL} Video Game Song
Galactic keys (DEMO!) - {LDL} Techno Song
Canon in D - {LDL} Classical Song
Requiem for a dream - REDONE! Miscellaneous Song
Zelda - Palace {LDL} Video Game Song
SSBB Main theme - {LDL} Video Game Song
NoNameYet! - {LDL} Classical Loop
This is it 2! (DEMO!) - {LDL} Techno Song
This is it (DEMO!) - {LDL} Techno Song
Alive (Final) - {LDL} Trance Song
Her Voice - {LDL} Techno Song
Visions (DEMO!) - {LDL} Techno Song
Requiem for a dream {LDL} Miscellaneous Song
Bowser theme Video Game Song